Saturday, July 2, 2011

who is GOD?

“Call upon Allah, or call upon Rahman; by whatever name you call Him, (it is well).. for Him belong the Most Beautiful Names” - 17:110

in Islam, according to al-Quran :

Say: He is Allah, The One and Only.. Allah, The Eternal, Absolute.. He begetteth not, nor is He begotten.. And there is none like unto Him - Surah Al Ikhlas, 112:1-4

If God did not pass this criteria, why should I pray to him? Therefore in Quran, the God, Allah the Almighty has completely explained who is He.. the analogy to this case is, if a mother gave birth to a son, she raised the son and gave everything he wanted to and suddenly the son proclaim some other women as his mother, obviously his real mother will feel angry and upset.. so in this verse actually Allah explained to His servants, who is He, and whom they should obligate to, so that His servant won't be confused =)

Surely Allah does not forgive that (anything be) with Him associated; and (anything) whatever apart from that, He forgives to whomever He decides. And whoever associates (anything) with Allah, then he has readily erred into far error - An-Nisa - 4 ; 116

this is just the starting.. InsyaAllah next time I'll be writing more.. feel free to drop comment for further questions =)

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