Monday, June 27, 2011

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kamal ibrahim said...

i was jailed for 3 months because i punched an MO during my wife's time as an HO. he didn't permitted my wife to go home and yelled at her in front of the patients and nurses. after months of hearing my wife crying and and seeing her smile fading each day, i lost my cool and threw a fist. well it was the biggest mistake of my life. i lost my job and i lost her as well. during my time in jail she became super stressed and lost her sanity. she died a few years later and it had been 7 years since her death. i know it is partly my fault for making things worse but reading your post made me shed tears for knowing the situation haven't changed a bit since her time. it is this rotten scenario that made our health system bad. how can you expect doctors to perform well if their job is so stressful that it can turn them crazy? how can the people whose duty is to save our lives be treated like scumbags and given workload that usually done by 5 peoples? and worst of all most doctors that i know hates their job. time and time again it had been proven training and education based on torture is the worst kind and least effective. this is not sparta where babies are thrown to the wolves in order to prove their worthiness. even soldiers are given rest when the training/combat for that day had finished. please discontinue this good-for-nothing tradition. be professional and start spreading love instead of animosity.

in the loving memory of Marina Isma' (1977-2004)

JUNE 26, 2011 12:00 AM

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