Thursday, June 30, 2011

cairo ; Asfour crystal centre and suQ Hussein

on 27th of June, we finished our exam (alhamdulillah ^.^) and officially start our summer holiday.. yeayy!!!

having a list of things to do after exam, makes me nervous n excited..
first thing first, we went to cairo ; to shop till we dropped!! ops =x

we went to asfour crystal centre and factory where they claim to be the biggest producer of crystal all over the world (well perhaps it is true =x)

it's like everything is made up of crytal from lamps to crafts & jewelleries, etc..

and ended up buying some necklace for my relatives in Malaysia, though I'm not going back this summer break ( sobs3 =( ) yet I'll pass it to my friends that's going to visit my house =D

the next target is suq hussein.. they are like jalan tar in kuala lumpur BUT it is much more BIGGEER in size.. huhu unfortunately we didn't have much time to spent here as our driver want to avoid the traffic jam. so we were only given 4 hours there. seriuosly it wasn't enough =.=' we didn't even manage to visit all the shop there!! sheesshh =x

it's getting hot, but yet we managed to buy a cute looking summer hat to manage with it

i also bought some souvenir that written egypt on it =p and suprisingly found a new Quran english translation ( mak, i gave mine to a christian friend. so i bought a new one. xpe kan mak? =) )

some souvenir for my lovely dovey family =D

finally safely arrived in mansoura in the same day.. thanks to all the sisters that joined us and make up our day ^.^


tipah said...

uish...topi n hat tu lawa!!!!!!! =)

Anonymous said...

ape untuk acah?