Friday, April 17, 2015


Leaving the exam hall with a lot of things going through my head. A part of it was of course relieve, finally I'm out of the exam pressure. Nevertheless the feeling of unsure whether have i done my best? Couldnt it be any better?

All of the exam questions came out exactly as I thought it would be - easy! Feeling dissapointed, I'm the one who did not study that much, thus how much do I expect? (And yet I'm hoping I could be in the top 5 list =.=')

Walking home with a perplexed face thinking over and over again, why I didnt allocate my time wisely and blaming others saying that how they have taken my precious time bla3. At the end, realising that the problem was always come from me, myself.

Clearly, the time was always there. Its just me that losing the 'barokah' in the amount of time that I spent. In every situation of insufficiency, either money, time or even family, with the blessing from Allah swt, we will never felt the lacking. Everything will be enough and sometimes even multiplied.

'Barokah' (blessing) is a special thing; that you cannot see by the eyes, but can only be felt by the heart and imaan.

At the age of 25, I'm a student, daughter, wife and mother. How fast that could be? How much time I left in this dunya, and soon enough I'm leaving for the hereafter. May the 'barokah' will always be with me all the time, in shaa Allah.

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