Sunday, April 29, 2012

a really interesting conversation..

masih tidak selesai di Malaysia dengan isu bersih, isu ummah yang lain timbul.

suprisingly i stumble across the conversation between my professors here in Egypt..

  • Prof S : This is what I anticipated last night but I never expected that the situation will reach the dead lock so fast. The Saudi ambassador is withdrawn from Egypt and all Saudi consulates are shut down. Who is responsible for that and who is the looser. The responsible are a hundful of Egyptian youth motivated by one or more activists. The loosers are millions of Egyptians and Saudis living in both counteries. May I remind that no winners out of this dilemma. May I ask upon wise people on both sides especially on the Saudi side to understand the current circumstances in Egypt. We are running through turbuluent social and political era. Please give us time to mature up and setelle down.
  • Prof A : I understand your concern and angst, but I would like to point out that you are being too apologetic to the Saudis, whom as people and as Government have always been unapologetic for their mistreatment of Egyptians over the years, and except for a very few, have always shown tremendous unfairness to Egyptians both in this country, and more , towards Egyptians working in KSA. I would like you to take a second and think about the whole situation, and reflect upon this fact, success of the Egyptian revolution, with all its activists and activism, is a THREAT to the Saudi regimen; and they will do what they can to disfigure Egyptian Activism, and Activist. I believe, the Saudi Regimen has more to loose, if the Egyptian revolution prevails. Egyptians spend about 2 billion Dollars a year in KSA for Omra and Haj, KSA investors are investing 12-20 billion $ in Egypt, with most of the revenue being pumped out of Egypt, and Egyptians are working in near slavery conditions under {Kafeel} system. So all in all.....good ridence, till they either change, or ....change....
  • Prof S : I am very worried for many reasons, first we had enough on the domestic affairs, second, we have 2 millions working in KSA, third, we have hot borders on east, south and western sides, fourth we have lost a lot of our image in the muslim world and fifth we are not able to control our youth and direct them to the right path.
  • Prof A : And do you expect that maintaining a degrading relationship with a Tyrannic; non democratic; American enslaved; Mubarak-loving, Saudi regimen will help on these issues....Again, we need to get our act together, and don't expect the Saudi government to be on our side, not now, not ever....
  • Prof S : We can improve the above mentioned circumstances by diplomatic methods and by a strong Egyptian stand. The main problem of the previous regiem is that they ignored rights of all Egyptians inside and outside Egypt and this is the result. Chaoes every where.
  • Prof A : I do not need to remind you that every day, you, and myself, observe the very painful process of pregnancy, labor and delivery, which although appears to the inexperienced eye, extremely untidy and chaotic, carries to our eyes extreme intricate harmony. I would ask you again, think about the Saudi Governments reaction from the eye of their benefit or harm, from success or failure of the Egyptian revolution. In the end ,I would use to very famous sayings I believe you might be familiar with.....
    “Chaos in the world brings uneasiness, but it also allows the opportunity for creativity and growth.”
    “Our real discoveries come from chaos, from going to the place that looks wrong and stupid and foolish.””
  • Prof S : I hope so sir, I hope to see light at the end of the tunnel. I hope to sleep one night with no tragic accidents or events. May allah guide us to the right path very soon, Amin.
- 28 april 2012 - 12 a.m


Musafir Melayu said...


Wow, this is deep.

Rabiatul Adawiah Sulaiman said...

waalaikummussalam wbt..

yep.. reality is difficult.. but many people didn't try to swallow it.. instead they prefer to throw it away.. huhu